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At CASAC we have policies that cover each of the different quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS) framework by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority. 

Below is a list of our policies, that we follow day to day at CASAC.


For more details, please contact us at: 

Quality Area 1: Education Program and Practice

Additional Needs Policy

Multicultural Policy

Technology/Media Policy

Celebrations Policy

Educational Program Policy

Quality Area 2: Children's Health and Safety

Administration of First Aid Policy

Administration of Medication Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Arrival and Departure Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Acceptance and Refusal Authorisation Policy

Children's Belongings Policy

Clothing Policy

Child Protection Policy

Child Safe Environment Policy

Control of Infectious Diseases Policy

Cyber Safety Policy

Unexpected Death of a Child Policy

Dental Health Policy

Diabetes Management Policy

Emergency Evacuation Policy

Epilepsy Management Policy

Excursions Policy

Hand Washing Policy

Head Lice Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Incident, Illness, Accident and Trauma Policy

Immunisation Policy

Lockdown Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Nutrition and Food Safety Policy

Photograph Policy

Rest Time Policy

Safe Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Sick Children Policy

Sun Safe Policy

Supervision Policy

Termination of Enrolment Policy

Water Safety Policy

Quality Area 3: Physical Envrionment

Animal and Pet Policy

Environmental Responsibility Policy

Physical Environment Policy

Quality Area 4: Staffing Arrangements

Baby Sitting Policy

Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Responsible Person Policy

Staffing Arrangements Policy

Quality Area 5: Relationships with Children

Anti-Bias and Inclusion Policy

Behaviour Guidance Policy

Interactions with Children, Families and Staff Policy

Bullying Policy

Respect for Children Policy

Quality Area 6: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities 

Enrolment Policy

Family Communication Policy

Grievance Policy (General)

Orientation of Families Policy

Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership

Governance Policy

Management Committee Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Record Keeping and Retention Policy

Student and Volunteer Policy

Withdrawal of a Child Policy

Writing, Reviewing and Maintaining Policies Policy

Additional Policies

Code of Conduct Policy

Work Health and Safety Manual

The most updated copies of our policies are available from the CASAC office or can be sent via email.


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