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Campbell Primary School Canteen

The canteen is run by Kim and Nicola.

The Canteen is run by a P&C sub-committee. The Canteen is staffed by 1 paid Manager (4 days a week) and 1 paid Assistant (3 days a week), and additional support is provided by student volunteers.


Our aim is to provide the students and staff with a range of nutritious lunch and snack choices. It is also great way to teach kids the value of money.


Our menu is based on the traffic light system, filled with mostly Green and some Amber Foods. If you wish to find out more about the foods that are being sold by the canteen you can go to the Healthy Kids website.

Opening Hours

The Canteen is open from Tuesday to Friday each week.

Online Orders cut off at 9:15am for that day – Manual lunch orders will be accepted until 10:00am (a class monitor usually brings the orders).

Lunches are ready for pick up at 1:15pm (Monitors normally take orders to the classroom).

The Canteen is open between 11:00am and 11:30am for recess snacks.

The Canteen is re-opened for lunch snacks between 1:30pm and 2:00pm.

A canteen price list is located below.

How to Place an Order


New Parent Account

  • Go to

  • Click REGISTER NOW and enter your email.

  • You will be emailed a link to an online form – follow the link.

  • Choose a username and password and complete the form.

  • Add each student and their class.

  • Top-up the account – VISA or Mastercard preferred.

Once you are registered:

  • Login in via the flexischools website or via the new flexischools tab on our schools app.

  • Place your orders one child at a time for Recess and/or Lunch.

*Please note all online orders are subject to a 29c service fee*


Write the order on a PAPER BAG or envelope (include 20c for a paper bag), please – no plastic bags. Include the child's name, class, lunch items and price. Place money inside the bag (correct change if at all possible) and fold securely.


Counter Sales

Snacks $1 and under:

  • Cereal bag ($0.50)

  • Pikelet ($0.70)

  • Bliss ball ($0.80)

  • Small jelly ($1.00)

  • Small custard cup ($1.00)

  • Cookie ($1.00)

Frozen Items:

  • Fruit juice icy pole ($0.60)

  • Frozen pineapple ring ($0.70)

  • Frozen orange segments ($0.70)

  • Frozen juice cup ($1.50)

  • Lite ice-cream cup ($1.50)

  • Frozen yogurt ($1.50)

Snacks over $1:

  • Rice wheels ($1.50)

  • Popcorn ($1.50)

  • Muffin ($1.50)

  • Large jelly ($1.50)


  • Water bottle ($1.50)

  • Juice box ($2.20)

  • Plain milk ($1.50)

  • Flavoured milk ($2.50)

  • Milo hot/cold ($2.50)

  • Glee/Juice Bomb ($3.00)

Canteen Menu


  • Bliss ball ($0.80)

  • Cheese and crackers ($2.30)

  • Rice wheels ($1.50)

  • Jelly cup ($1.50)

  • Humpty Dumpty Egg ($1.60)

  • Popcorn ($1.50)

  • Pikelets ($0.70)

  • Pikelet sandwich (2 with jam) ($1.50)

  • Cookie ($1.00)

  • Muffin ($1.50)

  • Gluten free banana bread ($3.00)

Fruit and Veg

  • Salad cup ($3.00)

  • Fruit salad ($3.50)

  • Whole fruit ($1.50)

  • Hummus and carrot sticks ($2.50)

  • Corn on the cob ($1.50)

  • Fruit and custard cup ($3.00)


  • Ham ($4.00)

  • Ham and cheese ($4.50)

  • Ham, cheese and tomato ($5.00)

  • Cheese ($3.50)

  • Tomato and cheese ($4.00)

  • Salad ($4.50)

  • Cheese and salad ($5.20)

  • Ham and salad ($5.50)

  • Egg ($4)

  • Egg and salad ($5.50)

  • Vegemite ($3.00)

  • Jam ($3.00)

Toasted at no extra cost.

Add $1 for wraps or GF bread.

Everyday Hot Food 

  • Noodle cup ($2.50)

  • Half garlic sub/full sub ($1.80/$3.50)

  • Cheese mini pizza ($2.50)

  • Ham and cheese mini pizza ($3.00)

  • 3 nuggets ($3.00)

  • 6 nuggets ($5.50)

  • Sausage roll ($4.50)

  • Meat pie ($5.00)

  • Mac and Cheese ($5.80)

  • Lasagna ($5.80)

  • Twista pasta bolognese ($5.80)

  • Vegetable dumplings ($4.50)

  • GF vegetarian fried rice ($5.50)

  • Pizza Pockets (Hawaiian, Vegetarian and BBQ Chicken) ($5.00)

  • Sauce sachet ($0.50)

Weekly Specials

  • ​Check Flexischools for weekly specials 

*Menu is also available online*

How can you help out?

  • Help out one morning a month (9:30am until 1:30pm). Your child loves to see you at school.

  • Be on the stand-by list to replace regular helpers in case of illness.

  • The Canteen Committee can always use another person. If you are concerned about what your child eats at school be part of the solution.

Help keep the prices down!

Donate an item once a term. Things like brown paper bags, aluminum foil, cling wrap, plastic forks, plastic spoons, SR Flour, brown sugar, rolled oats, Cocoa powder, snack size zip lock bags, serviettes, floor cleaner, spray & wipe, washing up detergent and dish cloths can always be used.

Every time an item is donated, two things occur:

  • We do not have to pass on the cost of the item and more of the canteen funds can be put back into the school.

  • The profits from the Canteen go back into the school to purchase items to improve students' education.

Canteen Volunteers

We love to have volunteers in the Canteen!

Any parents able to help out on occasions like special lunches, helping to pack baskets and serve food on busy days would be greatly appreciated.

Email us if you want to get involved!!

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